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【初春日遊 生活指南】登山、野餐、郊遊、日常補水首選!


【官網單筆消費滿 $1000 即享免運!】 【加入會員再享首購禮9折優惠呦!】點我註冊去!

Sustainable agricultural operation is Goodisland social responsibility

In the current agricultural production environment, most businesses selling fruits and vegetables seek to maximize their profits.
and they don't  care about the many unnecessary wastes caused by the selection and the lengthy acquisition chain.

On the contrary, we focus on the original intention of promoting the social value of the company. The partners of our cooperation choose dozens of small farmers in Taiwan.
In addition to purchasing the ugly fruits that would have been destroyed at an agreed price, they added substantial benefits to local farmers.

We also through the on-site in-depth interviews with small farmers’ videos and text reports to induce people’s thinking.
Recognize many issues facing Taiwan's agriculture, such as crooked fruit and waste, the aging of the local farming population, the loss of natural farming laws, and the current technical difficulties.

In addition, compared to the traditional fixed fruit trading model through dealers, Guoyu also actively creates several emerging channels such as crowd fundraising, small farmers’ markets, and cooperation with well-known department stores.
In addition to the people of Taiwan, they also contacted foreign guests in Asia, America and other places, and received real feedback and support.
By becoming the medium of production and consumption, we change the original long supply chain and reverse the difficult situation that small farmers might encounter.

We are a part of the social innovation platform

The social innovation platform is an information sharing platform for small and medium-sized enterprises under the Ministry of Economic Affairs to help promote the sustainable development of society with an innovative framework. With the call of "Gathering the power of all people to make the world a better world", we created a social innovation organization registration database. Under strict review, organizations and companies that successfully apply for registration can connect various resources through a public-private collaboration model. In addition to looking at the social innovation energy of Taiwan's counties and cities through the sustainable development map, there are also special projects with in-depth analysis from the four aspects of experts, government, international, and social innovation to grasp the pulse of social innovation in Taiwan.

At the beginning of its establishment,  we have  made substantial contributions to many levels, such as promoting friendly farming methods, enhancing the value of local agricultural products, creating new fruit trading models, inspiring fruit farmers to improve technological production motivation, and solving social issues of ugly fruit waste. , And it is expected to expand in scale and continue to inject strength to provide more possibilities for Taiwan’s agricultural sustainability issues.
Finally, it passed the audit in early 2020 and became a member of the social innovation organization, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, and achieved the three "end hunger", "sustainable urban and rural areas", and "partnership". Indicators. Going forward, Qiyu will continue to work hard, and invite you to join us in gathering the strength of everyone to achieve a better world together!