Sixty Years of Pineapple Field
Footprint of Origin|Each pineapple is a precious fruit bestowed by God

No matter how bitter life is, everything will be fine if you eat a banana
Place of Origin|Big brother’s face is full of happiness and satisfaction

Emperor Guava is a huge and beautiful existence in the countryside
Origin footprint|Do one thing to best in a lifetime

Farms that are not overly weeding are based on the insistence of planting dragon fruit with natural farming methods.
Production footprint|My task is to deliver natural fruits to customers

Every lemon has a place it should reach
Production footprint|The inheritance of the pastoral is one generation after another, and then the next generation

Only an orchard that coexists with everything can produce delicious barrel mandarins.
Footprints of the production area|The faces of the couples of small farmers are full of smiles that are proud of the fruit

The rich mango sweet smell is tangy in the garden
Production footprint|It is best to plant according to the season