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【初春日遊 生活指南】登山、野餐、郊遊、日常補水首選!


【官網單筆消費滿 $1000 即享免運!】 【加入會員再享首購禮9折優惠呦!】點我註冊去!

Although not perfect, it is worth loving.

Guoyu Road


The relationship between Guoyu and small cooperative farmers is not only a weak relationship between upstream and downstream trade.

We visited farms on the spot and filmed documentary films about the production area, hoping to let more people see the humanistic stories behind each piece of farmland.


From the experience of several farms, we have seen that many crooked fruits with poor appearance (may be too large, too small, crooked, or with spots) are piled up in the farm. Such fruits are not bought by the mid-market. Because consumers at the market end do not like the appearance of such fruits, there are three categories for farmers to deal with these fruits at the lowest cost:

1. Eat by yourself

2. Distribute to relatives and friends

3. Discarded in the garden and become fertilizer


When the quantity is large and you can't eat enough, you can only discard them all in the garden. Such a scene is really distressing.


Therefore, Guoyu is determined to use the "photographic and film documentary" approach to actually inspect the scenes seen after the orchard (such as the situation encountered by small farmers when they grow fruits, the scene of fruits eliminated due to the free market mechanism, and the humanities behind the deliberate planting. Stories, etc.), hoping to let more people see the hard work behind the farmers.