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Terms and Conditions

About shopping

►All order information and delivery information are notified by SMS or email. Please always pay attention to whether you have received relevant notifications via SMS or email.

►The content of the order must be filled in completely. If you provide wrong information and cause the goods to arrive without a signature, you must bear the responsibility for the cost of repeated delivery.

►If the order fails, it will be corrected by email notification. If it is not corrected in accordance with the instructions of the letter, it will be regarded as abandoned.

►Fruit products will not be returned if they are sold, and only provide exchange services within seven days.

►Please think twice before purchasing, and do not accept any refunds and refunds after placing the order for any reason.

Return and exchange instructions

►Guoyu good island only provides defective goods within seven days from the date of receipt of the goods, and provides exchange services. If you need to exchange goods, please notify Guoyu staff.

  *Defective goods must be photographed by the buyer and determined by the seller, for example: the appearance of the packaging is damaged or the packaging is damaged during transportation and the food is not fresh.

►If there is no special reason and prior notice, no replacement service for defective products will be provided after the goods have been delivered for more than seven days.

►This service does not need to pay any handling fee. If the exchange application form is not filled in, the exchange will not be accepted.

   1. For the return and exchange of defective goods, please contact customer service within 7 days, and we will bear the full refund and shipping costs.

   2. For "returns" of non-defective products, please contact customer service within 7 days, and you must bear the shipping and handling fees, totaling 200 yuan.

   3. As the goods in this store are easy to cause damage, unconditional exchange within 7 days will not be taken. Thank you for your cooperation.

►Please keep the goods in good condition for replacement, without any signs of unpacking.

   Please keep the product in a brand new state, and please make sure that the main product, user manual, registration reply, peripheral parts, invoices, and related accessories

   There are no missing items, and they will be returned together with the original packaging to process the refund for you.

►If the product fails, damaged, abraded, scratched, scratched, dirty, or packaged due to improper use, disassembly and other human factors

   If the damage is incomplete and the returned food cannot be returned to the company in its entirety, or the returned food has been eaten, resulting in damage or loss, it cannot be

   For the return, Good Island will recover the cost of the restoration status at your discretion, or request the price of the product in proportion to the preservation condition of the product.

Privacy statement

The purpose of collecting your personal information by Good Island is to confirm your identity and create your member profile, complete your transaction payments and performance guarantee services, and provide you with information about the company's completed transaction services.

The main examples are as follows:

 ►Use various services provided by our company

 ►To complete the transaction:

When pre-purchasing, purchasing, participating in rewards and other activities or engaging in other transactions, the delivery of goods, service provision, price payment, response to customer inquiries, the company's inquiries to customers, related after-sales service and other transactions are completed Necessary business.

 ►Promotional advertising or marketing, etc.

Provide various membership terms, announcements and other information, and provide service-related information and the latest partner products through e-mail, telephone, DM, SMS, EDM, etc. According to the customer's personal attributes or purchase records, browsing records of the company's website and other items, the content or advertisements browsed by customers will be personalized, analyzed by customers, development of new services or improvement of existing services, etc. Contact customers for opinions on polls, events, message boards, etc., or other service-related matters.

 ►Reply to customer inquiries

Respond to the inquiries raised by customers to the company through e-mail, mail, fax, text message, telephone or any other direct and indirect contact methods.

►Other business incidental matters:

Attached to the above-mentioned methods of use, it is necessary for the company to provide services.

 ►Provide information for each service provider

When customers pre-purchase, purchase, participate in activities or apply for other transactions of Guoyu Good Island products, Guoyu Good Island may provide the customer’s personal information to the service provider within the necessary scope of the exchange, and the service provider is responsible Manage the profile file.

►Guoyu Good Island is obliged to protect the privacy of each applicant and will not modify or delete personal information and files without your own consent.

►Never arbitrarily sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal data to other groups, individuals or private companies. Except in the following situations:

 -Cooperate with legal investigations by judicial units.

 -Cooperate with the investigation or use of the relevant authority according to the needs of the job.

 -Based on good faith belief that disclosure is required by law, or for management to maintain and improve website services.


When providing individual services, personal data may also be used in addition to the above-mentioned methods of use. At this time, the main points will be stated on the webpage of the individual service.

► If you have any questions, please contact us

Customer Service Tel: + 886 2 2716 9621

Email: guoyu.goodisland@gmail.com