About the thing we need to do

In the orchard, the farmers work hard to make the trees bear fruitful fruits. However, only the fruits that are beautiful in appearance and without a trace of scars can be sold in big cities by trucks, and the remaining "substandard products" can only be sold. They are reduced to fodder and even fall on the ground as nutrients for fertile soil, even if they just don’t look up to market specifications.
In order to cherish the crystallization of every fruit grower, the Crooked Fruit Regeneration Project was born. For these fruits that were eliminated and eliminated at the beginning, we proposed the name "crooked fruits", so that these "improperly grown fruits" can be converted into forms and get the opportunity to enter the market. In addition to conveying the cherishment of food, we also let natives grow. Fruit has a new spring.
In Guoyu, we want to make the substandard products in the eyes of a group of people have a different ending,
I also invite you to cherish every bite of sweetness in this land with Guoyu.

We cooperate with small farmers to purchase and sell unsatisfactory fruits and over-produced fruits at negotiated prices as product raw materials, produce dried fruits and jams and other processed products, and design them into gift-box packaging, giving each fruit new life as a companion. The appearance of hand courtesy.

One step further, through "adding intangible value", we try to convey the humanistic stories in the fields to people's hearts. From the pineapple field in Yijiazi to the organic banana field in which betel nut and banana are grown, different small farmers' stories have been filmed into short films, which have an effect on the Internet, making more people aware of the issue of crooked fruit.

"The farmer's hard work should not be wasted. Every fruit is worth cherishing."
This is the original intention of the Guoyu team and what the Guoyu team is working hard to do. We hope that more small farmers' humanistic stories will be passed on to people's hearts, so that the influence can last for a long time. Let the land, crooked fruits and small farmers be connected together, so that more people are concerned about these wasted fruits and the things that should be cared about.

Guoyu regards "Agriculture as the root and fruit as the foundation" as the brand's original intention and concept, and develops a number of natural and delicious fruit products, hoping that every product delivered to consumers will carry peace of mind and beauty.

In cooperation with small farmers in Taiwan, we insist on using fresh fruits delivered directly from the place of origin, so that every bite that consumers eat is fresh from the sun and nutrients from the earth. In addition to 100% additive-free dried fruits, natural and delicious hand-boiled jams, and dried fruit water combined with local flowers and plants, Guoyu also launched a variety of choices of exquisite gift box sets, whether it is for daily friends gatherings to share or sincere gifts during the festive season. We all cherish the land with you and enjoy the rich and full taste.

In addition to personally visiting each piece of farmland to achieve transparency in the production area,
Our products have passed the SGS food safety inspection to ensure that they are free of pesticides, E. coli and preservatives. In addition, Guoyu also builds its own factory to produce Taiwanese dried fruits with high-standard drying processing technology. The workshop combines a dust-free, aseptic environment and unique production technology, and uses the most rigorous specifications to inspect food to ensure stable quality.
The factory has also passed HACCP and ISO22000 factory food safety verification,
Let you eat every bite safely and at ease!

From R&D, production, design to sales of Guoyu's products, the team is personally executed, and every level is checked, just to make each product the best!

What we dare to eat, what we like, will be delivered to you.

In addition to its own brand management, Guoyu also cooperates with partners in different fields, including raw toast shops, restaurants, retail, local specialty stores, beauty, boutiques, chain hand drinks... etc. , With the participation of Guoyu, giving each fruit new life as a gift.
In addition to insisting on the concept, Guoyu also hopes to cooperate with like-minded you to promote Taiwan's local fruits and make farmers' hard work turn them into delicious jams.

Since its establishment, Guoyu has participated in various channel promotion and accumulated different sales and cooperation experience. At the same time, I also thank different media and bloggers for their introduction and support, so that we can let more people see the wrong results and This wonderful land of Taiwan!