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【初春日遊 生活指南】登山、野餐、郊遊、日常補水首選!


【官網單筆消費滿 $1000 即享免運!】 【加入會員再享首購禮9折優惠呦!】點我註冊去!


An occasional meeting,

We saw a lot of fruits scattered all over the country in the country,

I found out after asking the farmer curiously, leaving aside the rotten fruit,

Most of the images were not bought by mid-sellers just because they did not meet market specifications and standards.

Can only stay in place without entering the market,

For such a distressed sight,

We keep asking how we can help these "crooked fruits" give new value and have the opportunity to re-enter the market.

And achieve the goal of "agricultural value reconstruction".

So we established the "Guoyu good island" brand.

"Guoyu good island" regards "farming as the root and fruit-oriented" as its original intention and concept.

Pay attention to the environment and respect life more.

We cooperate with small farmers to purchase and sell poor-looking fruits as raw materials at an agreed price.

Produce processed products such as dried fruits and jams and design them into gift-box packaging,

Give each crooked fruit a new life as a gift.

We are one step closer to documenting farmland life through the "documentary film of production area",

I hope that the public will better understand the humanistic stories that happened on this land of Taiwan,

To convey to the public that "every hard work of farmers may not be seen, but every fruit is worthy of being cherished."